From concept to production, we are committed to developing, building and maintaining quality automation systems that help you reach your goals.



PLCs, robots, VFDs, touch screens, sensors, and other automation components can all be programmed to ensure that the integrated automated solution runs smoothly. This new system, as well as all of your other networked control systems, can be “linked” together for complete visibility, real-time status and control, historical logging, and reporting.

The ever-evolving industrial controls technologies of today provide new and innovative approaches to automation and control problems. To make the most of these new technologies, you’ll need a partner who knows how to put them to work for you. We are committed to developing, building, and maintaining quality industrial controls that help you meet your company’s production goals from concept to commissioning.

Due to the current economic climate, your operation must produce products as efficiently and consistently as possible. To meet your needs, Z-Tech Services will collaborate closely with you to develop new systems or cost-effectively enhance the capabilities of existing machines.




OEE- Line Management System

OEE software is used to determine how efficient a company’s operations are. Real-time OEE (automatically calculate and report OEE for all production processes) Without investing in new manufacturing lines, increase production capacity. Reduce costs through increasing efficiency and reducing overtime, shifts, and lines. To keep track of each production run and the target cycle times, use job tracking software. Downtime is recorded and availability is calculated. Counting the number of units produced to see if the lines are running at the desired rate Waste is used to figure out how much money has been lost as a result of waste. Calculate KPIs like productivity to learn about the labour used.

Your existing controls and automation equipment cannot be ignored and needs to be upgraded when system components are no longer available or software is no longer supported.  We can upgrade your existing control and automation equipment, so you no longer have to worry about parts availability,  software support, or making updates to your automation programs.

Remote maintenance and service for Industrial Automation:

  • Eliminates travel costs for service
  • Eliminates the ‘wait’ time for service to begin
  • We are the backup support to your staff for your system maintenance or repair
  • In disaster recovery we save a copy of your programs and updates on our file server providing you off-site backup for recovery in the event it is needed

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IIoT Services & Solutions

Identification and bridging of gaps in digitization Integration of equipment with limited or missing digital interfaces (such as SECS/GEM) Consulting for tool instrumentation and hardware selection (sensors, actuators, other peripherals). Support for a wide range of message brokers and protocols, including MQTT, HTTP, and other IIoT protocols via LAN or wireless technologies like WLAN and 5G, Support for industrial automation machine-to-machine communication protocols such as OPC-UA Engineering expertise to deploy, manage, and maintain IIoT solutions Integration services into other (existing) manufacturing applications, for example, MES (manufacturing execution system), Maintenance Management, Quality Management, etc.

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